Precision-drawn parts

Precision-drawn parts

We specialize in precision drawing. From around 4 mm in diameter to items the size of your palm, we have extensive manufacturing experience. Our in-house developed sequential dies and transfer dies utilize die designs optimized for drawing and deliver quality which other companies cannot match. Our principle products are mainly used as parts and include miniature motors, temperature sensors, LED heat sinks, aluminum caps for fluorescent lamps, and micro electro-magnetic clutches. In addition, we have also begun to engage in MIM (metal injection molding) production with partner factories in recent years. In addition to press working, we also have a record as a specialized trading company in the metalworking industry and can meet the value analysis/value engineering proposals needs of companies.

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岐阜精器(株) 新HP


As electronics continue to grow smaller and lighter, the press products required to produce these items also require extremely advanced technology and quality, such as allowable tolerances of less than 0.01 mm. Specializing in drawing, our firm is able to handle everything from prototyping to mass production using our own in-house designed dies to provide a wide array of processing, including cupping, box forming, and deep drawing.
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